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    two girls playing with the Tiny Land Dollhouse under the Christmas Tree

    The Top 10 Dollhouses for Girls

    Looking for the perfect dollhouse for a little special someone this year? Well, look no further! I’ve done the “hard” work for you. Below you’ll find a curated selection of the best dollhouses for girls on the market today…

    photo of a dollhouse door decorated for halloween

    Spooky Dollhouse Door Décor

    It’s that time again – time to dress up our children in comical costumes and send them out to beg for candy at stranger’s houses. Needless to say, it is one of my favorite holidays for those very reasons.…

    photo of tambour wood

    Design Trend: Tambour

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last little while, you’ve noticed a wood trend reemerging – tambour. This wood element is being used on anything you can think of. In this article, you’ll learn what it…

    photo of a tambour planter in a dollhouse

    Tiny Tambour Planter Tutorial

    Learn how to make a tiny planter for your dollhouse in 1″ scale using this tambour technique in a few simple steps! Materials Needed An empty cap or bottle Small piece of poster board Toothpicks Xacto knife Ruler Glue…

    lobby of the wave hotel
    Design Details

    Design Inspiration on Location

    One of my best friends is closing on a new house and reached out to me for some help pulling it all together – so of course I said yes! Instead of flipping through magazines for inspiration images, we…

    Photo of myself in my dollhouse workshop.
    Design Details Dollhouses

    Dollhouse Workshop Tour

    Who’s up for a dollhouse workshop tour?!? All hands in the air over here! And we’re waving like we just don’t care. Willy Wonka said it best so I’ll just quote him… “Come with me and you’ll be in…


    A Designer House for Merritt

    When my best friend’s mother-in-law asked me to design a dollhouse for her granddaughter, I had to take a moment and pinch myself. Not only would this be the first dollhouse I created for someone else and for a kid,…

    Men bringing in a huge rug that is a perfect size for the room.

    How to Choose the Perfect Rug Size

    Nothing irks me more than seeing a tiny rug in a furniture grouping (and I love tiny things). You know the look – where the furniture only has its front legs resting on it, as if it is clawing…


    Top 2 Design Trends for 2022

    The last few years have definitely had a huge impact on our home life. More and more people are yearning for simplicity and realness in our lives as a whole. There are two main design trends that are emerging…

    Design Details

    School Supplies for Adults

    It’s that time of the year again that every parent adores – back to school! Is it just me or is there a certain je ne sais quois that seems to linger in the air as we approach this…