Spooky Dollhouse Door Décor

photo of a dollhouse door decorated for halloween

It’s that time again – time to dress up our children in comical costumes and send them out to beg for candy at stranger’s houses. Needless to say, it is one of my favorite holidays for those very reasons. And just like every child needs a pillowcase full of sugar, every house needs some spooky door décor, am I right?! I found a quick and easy way to make mine festive that you can use for your own home.

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Supplies Needed

photo of the bat confetti

Step 1

First thing you’re gonna need (besides the door you’re decorating, obviously) are some bats for your dollhouse door décor. I found these from a confetti supplier and they worked perfectly. I dumped them out into a small container and then bent the wings up slightly to give it some dimension. It’s helpful to prepare a lot of them so you can just get into a good flow when you are actually securing them. These are 9/16″ x 5/16″ (14mm x 8mm) in size.

If bats aren’t your thing, you could also use spiders or whatever frightful creature strikes your fancy.

photo of the bat confetti close up

Step 2

To actually secure the bats onto the door I used Museum Wax. I LOVE Museum Wax. I was turned on to it from a miniature friend and I have no idea how I lived without it before.

It allows me to temporarily affix things without worrying about damaging any of my miniatures or the surface I am putting them on. I cringe a bit when I am forced to glue something (commitment phobia at it’s finest) so this eases my anxiety. Plus, it is perfect for holiday decorations that are only going to be temporary, like this!

I actually keep mine in my fridge because the Florida climate makes it melt in my garage. Still works great and doesn’t affect the quality. I got a massive jar for pretty cheap and it will most likely last me until the day I die.

I found it helpful to scoop out a chunk of the wax either with a popsicle stick or with the included wooden spatula and place it in the lid for easy access. Then, I use my ball stylus (aka metal ball tool thingy) to scoop from that chunk and apply it directly to the back of the bat. From there you can simply stick it on the door with your fingers or use tweezers, whichever is easier for you.

And since Museum Wax is not permanent, it is easy to make adjustments if necessary. When the holidays are over, you simply take off the decorations, wipe off the wax and it’s like it never happened. Hocus Pocus.

The End Is Near

Here’s the finished product of the spooky dollhouse door décor! Click the video or a mini tutorial and see how easy it is to get the bats to stick.

To complete the look, be sure to make the Halloween welcome mats! You can find the link for them here. Promise they are just as easy as this was and really add a fun, festive touch.

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