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School Supplies for Adults

It’s that time of the year again that every parent adores – back to school! Is it just me or is there a certain je ne sais quois that seems to linger in the air as we approach this time of the year??

While it’s great that we’ll be getting back into a daily routine, I’m honestly more jazzed about shopping for new school supplies than about anything else. 

And I mean for myself – not for my kiddo. Just to clarify. 

Unfortunately, I can not live vicariously through my ten-year-old as school shopping isn’t what it used to be. Everything is pretty automated now with a click of a button and the entering of credit card info, the list is shopped for and delivered to school by a third-party program even before the first day begins. It breaks my heart a little bit, but I can’t deny the logistics of this service. I did it the “old-fashioned way” for kindergarten and quickly learned times have changed so I need to get with the program for the sake of my own sanity.

But I digress…back to me. 

Some of my fondest memories have been standing in the aisles surrounded by everything Lisa Frank (who remembers her and where did she go?!) and envisioning how I was going to use it on a daily basis. Pretty sure it was my first addiction before I discovered coffee. Then it became both. And now we can get our coffee fix while shopping for school supplies all under one roof – dreams really do come true. 

Once I graduated from college, I had to change my terminology to “office supplies” since I was technically not in school and kidless, because otherwise, it was kinda creepy. Doing so opened up a whole new world of organized chaos. Few things thrill me more than finding the right container for paperclips, jumbo rubber bands in bright colors, a stapler that beacons to be squeezed, or seeing an aesthetically organized desk (which is always lovely but doesn’t last long). And don’t even get me started on Post-it Notes. My love for them is borderline psychotic. 

We spend so much time working that our desks really do become an extension of ourselves, even more so now since a lot of us are adopting a hybrid working model. It makes a huge difference in our overall well-being when we have visuals that make us smile throughout the day – be it a photo of a loved one or a hot pink feathered pen (guilty on both accounts). Plus, being organized helps keep stress at bay and makes you look like you have your sh*t together even if you really do not. Bonus points if that folder keeping you organized is oh-so-awesome with a kickass graphic on the front.

More often than not, we are stuck in a monotone cubicle that just drains our soul instead of enlightening it. In school, we had cute colorful animal folders and quirky erasers to brighten our spirits. I bought a Polly Pocket pencil case that was taken away from me during class on a few occasions, but thankfully it is safe and sound in my dollhouse workshop now. Who said we can’t still have childish belongings when we are technically adults? 

Over the years I’ve learned how to balance fun with functionality and do it while staying organized and productive. While I really could go on and on about my methods, I’m trying to spare you from details you probably won’t find as fascinating to think about as I do. Instead, I have compiled a list of my favorite items that can help bring a little happiness to your workspace while kicking some serious to-do list butt. 

Please note – the links contained in this post are affiliate links and I could receive a small commission should you choose to purchase from them, which goes to support this blog and subsequently, my coffee addiction.  


It’s hard to pick a favorite thing on this list, but I’ll start with one of my ride-or-dies, Post-it Notes. I have them in every shape and every color, except for that horrible light yellow. Something about that tone makes my skin crawl. I prefer to go bold so the note really screams at me from the page or wall or computer monitor or wherever I happened to stick it. 

I’m sure you’re all familiar with them, but did you know that there are some new styles under their mini Noted Collection that can help you stay even more on top of your game? There is a to-do list, your top three priorities, and a habit tracker. They even compiled a few of these features onto one sheet which could act as a daily agenda if you aren’t one that uses a planner. 

As if I couldn’t love them more.


Pen for school supplies

A good pen is oh-so-important and I know I’m not the only one that is particular about this. My favorite pen was actually my mom’s favorite so it reminds me of her every time I write. Hoping it also helps my penmanship subconsciously because she had great handwriting (even did calligraphy as a side hustle). Comes in black, blue, and red so all the bases are covered. 

pencils for school supplies
Pencils for school supplies

While a pen might not be super exciting, pencils are a great place to add a pop of personality. I’m notorious for hoarding them and never actually using them just because I like how they look when they are pristine. The You Got This and Good Vibes pencil collections are a perfect example of this with their sassy sayings printed on the base. The “throw glitter in today’s face” one definitely made me chuckle. 

I also like to keep pens and pencils in objects I find around the house instead of traditional holders. Some ideas include a pretty juice glass, a vintage cold-cream container, or a vase. I have all three. Using something unconventional once again adds to the level of personalization and also makes a space feel collected and cozy instead of commercialized. 


paper clips as school supplies for adults
Binder clips as school supplies for adults

An organized gal’s best friend is security – and I’m talking about the kind that comes in the form of paperclips, binder clips, tape, and staples. Not the kind with a badge. In this day and age, we all just trying to keep it together and these goodies will help you do it in style. 

I like to use small paper clips for a few pieces of paper, larger paper clips for larger groups of paper, and binder clips to group multiple groups of paperclipped papers, in case you were wondering.

stapler having flowers on it - beautiful school supplies

It’s a vicious cycle of clipping. However, nothing clipped goes into my binders – only stapled pieces of paper. My stapler on my desk at home has flowers on it, but if you want a more minimal streamlined look, you could do a sleek retro one, like this

I don’t honestly use a ton of tape, but maybe I would if my tape dispenser was as sexy as this one that just begs to be picked up and used. 


I purchased this stacked acrylic organizer on a whim years ago and can’t imagine my life without it now. It is typically used for jewelry storage, but it works perfectly to store paper clips, binder clips, and rubberbands which are my daily go-to’s. The compact shape doesn’t take up a lot of space and I can see exactly what I am reaching for. 

And there you have it – a few small items that will definitely make a big impact on your desk and your overall psyche while typing out scathing emails. 

In case you want to see all of these items on one page, you can go to my Chirpyest page here to see them. 

Now get back to work!

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