Jane’s Jungle Hideaway

Jane’s Jungle Hideaway is a place she can escape to when she needs a break from Tarzan or just to be alone with her own thoughts and enjoy some “me” time. A girl needs space to dream after all! 

What started as a project for our 2020 Mini Show “Think Outside the Box” turned into a symbol of the quarantine times. 

Fashioned out of an old bird cage that was discovered in a local thrift store, it holds all her favorite things – a desk to journal her studies on the jungle animals, a cabinet to hold all her treasures, and of course a comfy hammock to take an afternoon nap. The walls are camouflaged with intertwined jungle foliage, but still allow the beautiful mural made from a swatch of Pierre Frey wallpaper to peek through. 

The floor is crafted from reclaimed wood and stained dark as to hide dirt that may get tracked in from outside.  To add some softness, two rugs are layered. The larger burlap metallic one is a piece of Phillip Jeffries wallpaper and it is topped off with a tiger skinned rug, naturally. 

Here she can really be herself, let her hair down, and maybe even work on her own howl that would rival the vocal cords of her famous love.  


Daybed, hammock pillow, desk calendar, ottoman: @ecminithings
Daybed cushion: @kravetinc
Daybed pillow, hammock blanket, chair cushion: @romo_fabrics
Jute rug: @phillipjeffriesltd
Fruit tray: @tinyappetite
Snakeskin leather on desk: @pavonitalia
Wallpaper mural: @lamaisonpierrefrey
Everything else from personal collection. 

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