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Blog posts all about dollhouse projects.

photo of two hands holding tiny flags


Happy Birthday America! Being 246 never looked so fine. To celebrate, I have compiled a little list of resources featuring some amazing miniature artisans that can get you and your dollhouse feelin’ festive this July 4th. From the good…

Photo of myself in my dollhouse workshop.
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Dollhouse Workshop Tour

Who’s up for a dollhouse workshop tour?!? All hands in the air over here! And we’re waving like we just don’t care. Willy Wonka said it best so I’ll just quote him… “Come with me and you’ll be in…


Jane’s Jungle Hideaway

Jane’s Jungle Hideaway is a place she can escape to when she needs a break from Tarzan or just to be alone with her own thoughts and enjoy some “me” time. A girl needs space to dream after all!  What…


A Designer House for Merritt

When my best friend’s mother-in-law asked me to design a dollhouse for her granddaughter, I had to take a moment and pinch myself. Not only would this be the first dollhouse I created for someone else and for a kid,…