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Jane’s Jungle Hideaway

Jane’s Jungle Hideaway is a place she can escape to when she needs a break from Tarzan or just to be alone with her own thoughts and enjoy some “me” time. A girl needs space to dream after all!  What…


A Designer House for Merritt

When my best friend’s mother-in-law asked me to design a dollhouse for her granddaughter, I had to take a moment and pinch myself. Not only would this be the first dollhouse I created for someone else and for a kid,…

Men bringing in a huge rug that is a perfect size for the room.

How to Choose the Perfect Rug Size

Nothing irks me more than seeing a tiny rug in a furniture grouping (and I love tiny things). You know the look – where the furniture only has its front legs resting on it, as if it is clawing…


Top 2 Design Trends for 2022

The last few years have definitely had a huge impact on our home life. More and more people are yearning for simplicity and realness in our lives as a whole. There are two main design trends that are emerging…