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Happy Birthday America! Being 246 never looked so fine. To celebrate, I have compiled a little list of resources featuring some amazing miniature artisans that can get you and your dollhouse feelin’ festive this July 4th.

From the good ol’ backyard cookout to the awe-inspiring fireworks, I can’t decide which part of this holiday I like better. Luckily, I don’t have to and you don’t either! Let’s indulge in them all!

Now that we’re in agreement – let’s cheers to independence, those that have fought and sacrificed for our comfort, and s’more s’mores.

Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the post for two tiny firework displays that will knock your little socks off!

Side note – these are not affiliate links and the creative property remains to the people/persons that originally created it. I’m just sharing the mini love. You can click on the title to be taken to their sites for more information. Most of these items are in 1/12” scale. 

Miniature Decorations

Joann Swanson – Decor

First things first, gotta decorate and set the vibe! The DIY Dollhouse Miniatures Blog by Joann Swanson has so many great tutorials to set the mood in any space. The post is a tutorial about making a miniature peddler’s cart and then all the items to go in it, including banners, pinwheels, Uncle Sam hats, birdhouses and much more! There is a ton to make so that’s why I have only listed one link. You could do the complete cart or just take bits and pieces of it to add to your decor.

photo of miniature pinwheels for 4th of July
Pinwheels by Joann Swanson

Miniature Food

Tiny Appetites – All the Food Fixin’s

One of the best things about this holiday is all the yummy food! I am a sucker for classic comfort food and a BBQ never disappoints. Everything Tiny Appetites creates looks good enough to eat and she has just about anything you could want. I have purchased some things from her so I can definitely attest that the quality and realism are spot-on.

photo of miniature hot dogs and food on 4th of July plates
Hot Dogs by Tiny Appetites

Camp Makeamini – S’mores

After your tummy settles, it’s time to stuff it again with dessert. These were created by Carolyn Eiche of Carolyn’s Creations and are made out of polymer clay. She gives a very detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to make this in the link. And incase you don’t know, the Create Website has a ton of resources to make, partake, and learn all about miniatures and is in association with N.A.M.E (aka the National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts). The tutorials are so fun and these tiny s’mores make my mouth water just looking at them!

photo of miniature clay s'mores for 4th of july
Clay s’mores by Carolyn Eiche

MiniCousins – S’mores Kit

Want s’more s’mores? Yes, please!! I mean do you even have to ask? If polymer clay isn’t your jam, you can try your hand at this kit by MiniCousins. We met these wonderful ladies at the Lakeland Dollhouse and Miniatures Show a few weekends ago and they are just as sweet as their creations. We actually purchased this kit, but haven’t made it yet. I promised Chase we would do it together and he is with his Dad on vacation so it is taking all my restraint not to!

photo of miniature s'mores kit for 4th of july
S’mores kit by MiniCousins

Craft Land Miniatures – Plates

If you don’t want to get too messy from the s’mores, you can use these patriotic plates from Craft Land Miniatures. Bonus, it comes with napkins. 

photo of miniature 4th of july plates
Plates by Craft Land Miniatures

The Grand Finale

We all know what happens after the sun sets – fireworks!! Below are two videos of miniature displays that have just as many “ooh” and “ahh” factors as the real thing. The first one shows a setup at Legoland Windsor Resort and how the pros do it. The second is by PopArt and walks you through their bold creation of a tiny fireworks stand from start to finish with real working fireworks.

Hope these ideas help to put a little extra spark in your holiday and we wish you a very Happy Independence Day!  

Big Hugs and a Little Love, The Designer Dollhouse

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